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The Mind of a Chef

Danny Bowien is the latest name to feature in Mind of a Chef, which focuses on a different chef each season and has so far included the likes of April Bloomfield, Magnus Nilsson and Ludo Lefebvre.



If anyone proclaims food to be a trivial pursuit, or says it’s frivolous to spend more money on it than absolutely necessary, direct them to this documentary series, which lifts the lid on the industrial practices behind commoditised foods.


Bread is Gold

The world's top chefs have answered famed Italian chef Massimo Bottura’s call in this book, which features more than 150 recipes utilising what many wouldn’t usually consider cooking with.


Champagne: A Secret History

Australian wine merchant Robert Walters tells the story of everyone’s favourite French fizz in an engaging, pretension-free manner, interspersing history with the stories of modern-day grower-producers who are taking on the Grandes Marques.



AUCKLAND. Filipino food has never been a regular on my eating pathway but as it happens, I have visited Nanam before. It lived in Royal Oak then and I recall it being packed, a casual place with an upbeat, family-friendly vibe.



AUCKLAND. Inti opened in August in the space formerly held by the short-lived Meat Fish Wine after a quick-fire turnaround. The worst of the opulence has been removed (yes, that dusty wine teardrop has gone) and space has been lightened.


Little BBQ

Michael Easton and Sarah Neale discovered the wonders of Japanese barbecue in an unlikely spot. While on holiday in Tahiti in 2015, the couple found themselves eating off small Japanese charcoal grills called shichirin.