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Soul Kitchens – Prego

Let’s be honest, Prego is an institution as much as it is a restaurant. For 32 years it has not only been a stalwart of Auckland’s restaurant scene, but an integral part of the cultural landscape of Ponsonby Road. Amongst the ‘boom- and-bust’ cycle of the hospitality industry, it’s a forever restaurant, reassuring you by its mere presence as if nothing could ever happen to it.


Super Natural

Spring is a difficult time of year when cooking seasonally. Nothing is quite ready, yet after a cold winter of heavy, rich flavours everyone is craving the green, white and incredibly peppery and fresh flavours and colours of early spring. You can call on a few bits preserved from seasons before, but when trying to reflect time and place through food, it can be challenging.


Rekindle Skills

When we are able to create what we need from what we have, we are resourceful. When we are resourceful we make the most of our own inner resources while living carefully in relation to the resources upon which we depend.


Slow Down and Grow Something

This book is all about giving us the know-how and the inspiration to grow our own food, experiencing the immense satisfaction of cooking with our own harvest, and benefitting from the time out that gardening and cooking can offer.


Olive Oil the New Zealand Way

This is a story of taking the plunge. After a successful career in banking and finance, it’s not hard to imagine the reaction David Walshaw received when he announced his decision to grow olives to produce oil, without any previous experience.


Korean Food Made Easy

If, like me, you are somewhat obsessed with Korean food then this book is a winner. Hwang grew up in Los Angeles and it was the simple family meals that her Korean grandmother made for the extended family that set her on a culinary career.