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Care Package

If you are concerned about the environmental credentials of your kitchen and household products take a look at the If You Care range from Stevens stores and online. Designed to have a minimal environmental impact where possible nothing should remain of the products if they’re used and disposed properly, because both products and packaging will break down and decompose.


Students Face ‘Dragon Den’

Port Chalmers-based food retailer and product developer Wild Fennel Co has teamed up with second-year students from Otago Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Culinary Arts programme. Richard Mitchell, Professor in Food Design, challenged students to find a way to use ‘waste-stream’ apricots supplied by Darlings Orchard in Ettrick, designing a product that could be sold in Wild Fennel’s spice shop.


The Hunting Lodge

AUCKLAND. It’s good to have The Hunting Lodge open again. Those of us living in the north west of Auckland have been feeling the need for somewhere decent to dine for some time. There is of course the very popular Tasting Shed and a plethora of curry joints nearby but having another local option is welcome.



AUCKLAND. K Road has been home to many a pop-up venture and one of the more recent ones, Cotto, which started up as a three-month fxture in the old 69 premises, has now become a permanent restaurant.


Traffic July-August 2018

Adding to the cool vibe that’s sparking up in Mt Eden, XOONG mixes Japanese and Chinese influences with favours from across north east Asia and a cracking cocktail list, all in seriously glam surrounds. Josh Barlow, ex-The Grove and a high-powered clutch of London spots, takes over as executive chef at THE SUGAR CLUB in Auckland’s Sky Tower.



These brûlées look really pretty topped with black and white sesame seeds, and the sesame flavour is delicious. You can buy both toasted and untoasted black sesame seeds, so if yours are already toasted, just toast all the white seeds together in the oven and take one tablespoon from those to add to the black for the topping, rather than setting it aside pre-toasting.