Author: Cuisine (Cuisine Contributor1)


Ode Conscious Dining

Down a lane behind the post office, up the stairs between two bars, through a heavy drawn curtain to an unmarked door. I open the door and yes, we are in Ode Conscious Dining Wanaka. It’s not the prettiest of spaces, nor the easiest to find, but this is of no importance once you begin your experience.


Hugo’s Bistro

AUCKLAND. It's just a well that Hugo’s Bistro is open for all-day dining as the chairs here are so soft to sink into that it’s hard to muster up the will to leave. And why would you want to when the house-blend coffee is excellent, the food is good and the service is so warm.


5th Street

CHRISTCHURCH. Already seduced during a few visits to the bar at 5th Street for drinks before dinner elsewhere, I was greatly anticipating the full food experience at the recently opened restaurant, an offshoot of Hello Sunday cafe across the road.


The Boat Shed Cafe Relaunced

A storm-lashed Nelson favourite reopens after refurbishment. Summer at the Boat Shed Cafe in Nelson is idyllic: the sky is blue, aqua seas lap gently against the shore and diners relax on the overwater deck sipping wine.