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Great Wine, Naturally

New Zealand’s first ever Organic Wine Week (17-23 September 2018) will see organic wine producers teaming up with six of the country’s leading restaurants – The Grove in Auckland, Shepherd in Wellington, Bistronomy in Hawke’s Bay, Arbour in Blenheim, Gatherings from Christchurch and Sherwood in Queenstown – to deliver some exciting organic wine and food experiences.


The Richard Parker

Named after the tiger in The Life of Pi... now, this is something unusual. With all the fresh citrus and herbs around in New Zealand’s spring, cooking at home always turns to ceviche. The juice of the ceviche is called ‘leche de tigre’ or ‘tiger’s milk’. In Peru, this juice is drunk the next day as a hangover cure but what I’ve discovered is that it is really exciting when shaken with Venezuelan rum or pisco into a daiquiri or pisco sour. When making the ceviche, I allow it to rest without any onion, strain off the leche de tigre for your cocktail, and then add the onion to the fish. The drink still works with oniony leche de tigre but it is a little more challenging, so best left out for your first attempt.


Going Global

I adore globe artichokes. When I see the first of the spring artichokes, I can’t help but feel excited. Usually I prefer a simple preparation: the classic way to deal with them is to simply boil or steam them whole until tender, with a few aromatics such as thyme, bay leaves and peppercorns in the water.


Odd Bits

Most of the people I know who aren’t hardcore food people dislike offal, often to the point of revulsion. Many of us grew up not having to eat offal; there were plenty of other options available and it was probably easier for parents not to have to fight that battle.


Crumbed Lamb’s Liver Banh Mi with Nuoc Cham Mayonnaise

Banh mi traditionally contains pâté made from livers, so this takes that flavour combination to the next level with strips of lamb’s liver, crumbed and pan fried and piled into a baguette roll with Vietnamese salad and a homemade mayonnaise with nuoc cham flavours. For a quick version of the mayo stir ginger, fish sauce and lime juice into a good-quality bought mayonnaise, then season with soy sauce.