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Big Fish

A group of Chefs from around the world gathered close to two impressive fire pits dug on a grassy slope in the Upper Moutere Valley. Cuisine’s newly crowned Future Food Legend, Monique Fiso, was helping to dig up a feast she’d prepared, which had been slow- cooking all day in a traditional hāngi pit. Alongside, a dozen magnificent sides of cedar-planked Ōra King salmon were slowly roasting in the heat and smoke of an open fire pit.


Making it more human again

Hospitality can be a glorious career choice. Many young people are attracted to the hospitality world for the sense of family and belonging that it can provide. However, when restaurants and customers fail to deliver, these young employees can find themselves working within a dysfunctional hospitality family.


Putting Down Roots

While owning a winery in Marlborough couldn’t be described as unique, there is something special about Takaki Okada’s Folium Vineyard in the Brancott Valley, not least of which is Takaki himself.


Hampered by Choice

Being based in Christchurch, I would first get a loaf of sourdough from Grizzly Baked Goods. Their pain au chocolat and spiced hazelnut morning buns are hard to resist, too.


David Herrick, Foundry Chocolate

David Herrick is the latest chocolate maker to emerge in New Zealand’s blossoming craft chocolate scene and he’s already turning heads with his exquisite and unique bars, all of which are created in his tiny home-factory in Mahurangi. Along with his wife Janelle, who looks after the design, illustration and branding, David has just launched Foundry Chocolate, a micro-batch chocolate company dedicated to producing high-quality, single-origin chocolate.


Jo Kempton Happy Belly Ferments

Riding the tide of interest in natural wellness, probiotic drinks are increasingly popular, no longer to be found just in health-food shops but crowding our supermarket shelves and cafe menus, too. Their appeal lies in the benefit that naturally fermented foods can offer our health and the desire for alternatives to sugar-laden, carbonated drinks.


Ross Murray, Designer

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a beer by its label? Just a glance at the craft beer selection in any bottle shop reveals dozens of brightly labelled bottles and cute cans all jostling for attention – pick me, pick me!


Eating Better

Most restaurant guides carefully weigh up the quality of an establishment’s food, scrupulously assess the service and scrutinise whether the drinks list comes up to scratch. Throw in other factors such as the ambience, the decor and the warmth of the welcome and you can start to decide if this is a place on your ‘go to’ list.

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