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Ross Murray, Designer

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a beer by its label? Just a glance at the craft beer selection in any bottle shop reveals dozens of brightly labelled bottles and cute cans all jostling for attention – pick me, pick me!


Betty Chung

Betty Chung believes that her two favourite things complement each other perfectly. “I’m an architect by day and a potter by night. I get my inspiration as a ceramic artist from architecture,” she says. “No matter how much I’m involved in an architecture project, even if I do the design, documentation and build, there’s a distance between myself and the building.


Wallcoverings and Fabric

Wallcoverings & Fabric can really make a statement, and if you want that statement to gently reference inky tides and rivers, moody billowing clouds and confetti-like drifts of petals, then take a look at textile designer Emma Hayes’ products.