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David Herrick, Foundry Chocolate

David Herrick is the latest chocolate maker to emerge in New Zealand’s blossoming craft chocolate scene and he’s already turning heads with his exquisite and unique bars, all of which are created in his tiny home-factory in Mahurangi. Along with his wife Janelle, who looks after the design, illustration and branding, David has just launched Foundry Chocolate, a micro-batch chocolate company dedicated to producing high-quality, single-origin chocolate.


Jade Temepara -Kākano Cafe and Cookery School

First, Jade Temepara’s grandfather asked her to plant some potatoes. “No way,” she said, “I’m not going to dig up my lawn.” Then he cajoled her to plant potatoes, then nagged, coaxed, urged and nagged again. Worn down, she eventually planted the potatoes, watched them grow, observed the land and how it reacted. On the day she dug them up, her grandfather turned to her. “Thank you,” he said, “I took these peruperu out of my father’s shed when he passed away. They’re five generations old and I don’t have anyone else to give them to.”


Forresters Lane

“Wellington has the best food, beer and coffee. The standards are staggeringly high and the hospitality community is pretty stunning. And it has such a cool, village-like feel.” That’s what attracted Irishborn Peter Lowry to the capital more than 10 years ago, and it’s the vibrant bar scene that has kept him busy ever since.


The Grounds at Whoa! Studios

In the West Auckland suburb of Henderson, two chefs previously known for their high-flying, fine-dining credentials have a cause worth striving for: to create a restaurant that reconciles fine-dining standards with a family-friendly focus where kids are welcomed and encouraged to have a great time.


Over The Moon Dairy

Waikatu woman Sue Arthur loves cheese - it’s her favourite food and has been since she was a girl. As a Waikato local Sue knew that she was surrounded by some of the best milk in the world and was perplexed that little was done to add value to the product.


Little BBQ

Michael Easton and Sarah Neale discovered the wonders of Japanese barbecue in an unlikely spot. While on holiday in Tahiti in 2015, the couple found themselves eating off small Japanese charcoal grills called shichirin.