A new restaurant in a new building overlooking the new Avon steps and the new Terrace. There is a definite exuberance in the atmosphere here that indicates something exciting is happening. Seated around three sides of the open kitchen, most diners have a ringside view, intimately involved in the drama of service. For those not enthralled by the kitchen goings-on, large windows give a daytime view of the regenerating city. Go for the smaller shared plates to try innovative and playful choices from Simon Levy (pictured) such as boeuf-nuts – think savoury beefy doughnuts – or duck trumpets, waffle cones coated with a lick of blackberry jam then stuffed with duck liver parfait (pick them up and dunk it in puffed quinoa and seeds for crunch). The wine list is relatively small and focused on the Canterbury region.

IN BRIEF Creative and fun food with drama