2g salt
5g sugar
25g red chillies
½ onion
125g rapeseed mayonnaise (see recipe)

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1.First, sterilise a jar by washing both the jar and its lid with hot soapy water, but do not dry them.
2.Put the jar and lid in a preheated oven at 170°C for 15 minutes.
3.Put 45ml water in a pan with the salt and sugar and heat to dissolve, but do not boil.
4.Remove the seeds from the chillies, leaving in as many as you wish for spiciness.
5.Blend the chillies and onion in a blender with the warm brine.
6.Pour into the sterilised jar, seal with the lid and put in the fridge.
7.Allow to ferment for 5 days, then strain the liquid and blitz the mixture again.
8.Combine the rapeseed mayonnaise with the fermented chilli and onion mixture.
9.Add more salt if needed.

Recipes and food styling Vaughan Mabee & Mathieu Lagarde / Photography Portrait and location photography, Spring Bouquet, mousseline & kōura dish by Sam Stewart (other images supplied)

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