100g French sorrel (if French sorrel is not available, increase the spinach to 150g and add 10ml lemon juice for acidity)
60g spinach
125g rapeseed mayonnaise (see recipe)
white wine vinegar, to taste (optional)

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1.Juice the sorrel in a juicer to give about 25ml of juice.
2.Then juice the spinach to give about 15ml of juice.
3.If you don’t have a juicer, blend the sorrel and spinach in a blender with 40ml of water, then strain, pressing with a spatula to get more of the juice from the leaves.
4.Combine the rapeseed mayonnaise with both juices and whisk.
5.Season with white wine vinegar or salt if needed.

Recipes and food styling Vaughan Mabee & Mathieu Lagarde / Photography Portrait and location photography, Spring Bouquet, mousseline & kōura dish by Sam Stewart (other images supplied)

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