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Slick & Sassy Media Ltd is the proud owner of Cuisine magazine, Cuisine.co.nz and the Cuisine Good Food Awards

Imagine a vibrant hub where passionate home cooks mingle with industry leaders, all united by a love for food, drink, and beautiful design. This isn’t just a dream; it’s the heart and soul of Cuisine, New Zealand’s leading authority on all things culinary.

More Than Just a Magazine: Cuisine goes far beyond the glossy pages of a traditional magazine. It’s a comprehensive website brimming with insightful content, captivating visuals, and a thriving online community. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a budding home cook, or a design enthusiast drawn to the artistry of a well-crafted kitchen, Cuisine has something to tantalise your taste buds and inspire your culinary journey.

Bridging the Gap: Cuisine’s unique strength lies in its ability to cater to both industry professionals and consumers alike. They bridge the gap between these market segments by offering a delightful mix of content. Dive into mouthwatering recipes perfected by award-winning chefs, explore hidden foodie gems recommended by industry insiders, and discover the latest trends in food and lifestyle that are shaping the way we cook, eat, and entertain.

A Powerful Platform: Cuisine isn’t just about delicious content; it’s also about fostering meaningful connections. Their strong relationships with industry leaders and businesses make them a powerhouse for targeted communication across New Zealand. From restaurateurs and chefs to artisan producers and kitchen design visionaries, Cuisine provides a platform for these influential figures to showcase their expertise and connect with a dedicated audience.

Prestigious Recognition: Cuisine’s commitment to excellence extends to their prestigious award programs. These highly anticipated events recognize and celebrate the best in the business, from outstanding restaurants and talented chefs to innovative kitchen design and groundbreaking culinary experiences. By partnering with these awards, brands gain access to a highly engaged audience of food lovers and design aficionados, solidifying their place at the forefront of the industry.

Join the Delicious Journey: Whether you’re a passionate home cook seeking inspiration, an industry professional looking to connect with your target audience, or a brand aiming to showcase your commitment to culinary excellence, Cuisine offers a unique opportunity. Become part of this vibrant community, explore the delicious world of food and drink, and discover the power of connection that Cuisine fosters.

Slick & Sassy Media Ltd became the proud owner of New Zealand’s most respected and trusted food brand in December 2017.

Kelli Brett is thrilled to be the custodian of such an iconic New Zealand brand and are excited at what lies ahead.

2024 Print Overview

August/September is an exciting time for us as we host the Cuisine Good Food Awards and allocate our prestigious hats, which are New Zealand’s equivalent of Michelin stars. This content showcases the very best dining experiences around the country and is highly anticipated by people who love to dine out, as well as those who want to recreate that premium restaurant experience in their own homes. It is a highly coveted issue for our national hospitality industry. 

In October and November, we will be focusing on premium entertaining ideas for the upcoming festive season. We will also showcase New Zealand’s top artisan food and drink producers, inspiring readers on how to produce delicious meals using these innovative products. Our Xmas issue is hugely anticipated. 

Finally, in December and January, we will showcase high-end outdoor living and entertaining, providing inspiration for making the most of the summer. 

Our core focus is to provide inspiration for living a premium lifestyle across food and drink, travel, restaurants and luxury living, throughout all of our content.

Annual Readership – 256,000

Cuisine is the only food, drink, and hospitality publication (and website) in New Zealand that encompasses all aspects of lifestyle, products, and experiences targeting the industry and consumers at the point at which the market converges. With key connections to industry leaders and businesses, along with our leading award programmes, Cuisine offers the only true connection that provides a channel and platform for messaging throughout New Zealand.

The print runs of each edition of the publication vary due to factors such as subscriptions, extra order copies for partners, and other variables.

To determine the reach of the publication, the most reliable indicator is the third-party independently audited statistics gathered by Nielsen. These statistics consistently show that Cuisine tops its category against our competitors and is second only to National Geographic among all other bi-monthly publications. 

This means that every eight weeks, over 6% of all New Zealanders aged 15 years and above read Cuisine, and 7.8% of New Zealand household shoppers specifically read it. 

Cuisine’s average readership figures have grown consistently year on year for the past three years.

34% of our readers live in Auckland and are predominantly Female aged 48+, with a household income that is 8% higher than the national average of $119,700. The average personal income is also 10% higher than average at $70,100 p.a.

66% of Cuisine readers cook in their own home and 7 out of 10 Cuisine readers say the way their home looks is very important to them.. 

25.1% of Cuisine readers hold one of the 3 “NZ Top occupations’ such as Senior Government Official, Business Manager/Executive, Business Proprietor/Self Employed

Cuisine readers spend an average of 55.6 minutes reading each publication with 40% reading for between 1-2 hours.

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