Slick & Sassy Media Ltd is now the proud owner of Cuisine magazine and

At a time when the future of print is being questioned and dominated by downsizing and turmoil, we know that the iconic Cuisine brand has great potential for expansion. Cuisine has an authentic and direct relationship with its audience, built over three decades.

After thirty years Cuisine is still leading the way, although we are redefining ourselves and working on ways to actively adjust to new realities in media consumption. We are currently creating a new space here so you can immerse yourself in polished, aspirational and inspirational Cuisine content.

At our core, the focus will still be Our People, Our Stories, Our Food, and a revitalised commitment to take the New Zealand food and drink story to the world. While continuing to provide original recipes that showcase New Zealand flavour, we will develop a new digital footprint for Cuisine, and we’ll keep championing excellence within our hospitality industry with the Cuisine Good Food Awards and the Cuisine Good Food Guide. These awards now form the basis of New Zealand’s ranking in a number of international restaurant guides and lists and provide crucial feedback for our restaurant industry.
We will continue to support and acknowledge the talent and determination of our artisan producers, who are the future of New Zealand food, and we will focus even more on the much-valued Cuisine wine tastings to provide a rigorous and trustworthy analysis for the New Zealand wine industry.

Food and drink touch everything we do, and behind that food and drink are the talented people who grow, produce, cook, serve, create, study, write, design, photograph, educate, debate and innovate.
Vanessa and I feel privileged and excited to take the reins of Cuisine as it once again becomes an independent publication. We hope you will continue to support Cuisine and share the journey with us. Our people, our stories, our food. It’s going to be a hell of a ride, and one you shouldn’t miss.