Bill Granger has been in the business for more than 30 years and writing cookbooks for the last two decades but his laid-back, self-deprecating style never misses a beat. Australian food has taken some exciting leaps in all kinds of directions and the book reflects that with a happy mix of fresh, casual food with many Asian influences, that’s not  too fiddled around with and is dive- in-right-now eatable. Very glad to see classics such as Bill’s sweetcorn fritters and the ricotta hotcakes, but also sugar-cured prawn omelette with salsa rossa and kimchi, spinach and ricotta dumplings, described without a skerrick of an apology as a mix-up of different ideas and non-traditional cuisines. If you were looking to find fault it’s true there are few whizz-bang stunners to impress your foodie friends, but they’ll still be going home full of joyful flavours. TRACY WHITMEY