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Book Reviews January ’19

The Japanese Larder, Tart & Bitter: Four Decades of Dining Nightmares, The Catalan Kitchen, Meat: The Ultimate Companion, La Boca Loca Mexican Cooking for New Zealanders, Lands of the Curry Leaf, My Indian Kitchen, Baladi: Palestine- a celebration of food from land to sea

He Kàkano

Passionate gardener, seed saver and the driving force behind a Christchurch social-enterprise food business (see page 56), Jade Temepara presents a show that is on a mission to change the way we grow, nurture and even cook our food.

Always Delicious

I love that Lauraine Jacobs will tell you that you need to eat imported food. Yes, local eating is at the heart of her thinking, but Jacobs is in it for the long haul and always has been.

Burger Wellington

This scrumptious book proves that if you can stuff it in a bun you can call it a burger (even a bao bun!) Wellington writer and blogger Lucy Corry has collected the best of Visa Wellington on a Plate’s...

Meat & Three

The title is an affectionate reference to New Zealand’s national dish of days gone by, the much-loved meat and three veg: as the book is produced in association with Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc, these are the meats focussed on here, with more than 80 recipes arrayed by the seasons.

Slow Down and Grow Something

This book is all about giving us the know-how and the inspiration to grow our own food, experiencing the immense satisfaction of cooking with our own harvest, and benefitting from the time out that gardening and cooking can offer.

Wholefood Simply

In Wholefood Simply Bianca Slade delivers exactly what she promises on the cover – a little bit of natural indulgence.

Olive Oil the New Zealand Way

This is a story of taking the plunge. After a successful career in banking and finance, it’s not hard to imagine the reaction David Walshaw received when he announced his decision to grow olives to produce oil, without any previous experience.