The world’s top chefs have answered famed Italian chef Massimo Bottura’s call in this book, which features more than 150 recipes utilising what many wouldn’t usually consider cooking with. Notable entries from Alain Ducasse, René Redzepi and Ana Roš are intertwined with contributions from less well-known but equally interesting chefs, all of whom joined Bottura’s Food for Soul kitchens. Food for Soul was part of Bottura’s drive to put food wastage into public consciousness, which he did by gathering top chefs to cook food destined for the bin to serve to the needy. Notably, New Zealand export Jess Murphy, who runs Kai in Ireland, features, having worked with Bottura at the UK fixture of his Food for Soul initiative, London Refettorio Felix. She shares a recipe for burnt honey and toasted millet ice cream. As you would expect from chefs of this calibre, the recipes are high-end, though based on humble ingredients and even more humble inspiration.