Barbara Cooper had no idea what to do with her life. It was 2005 and she’d just graduated from college in Newport Rhode Island.


Marc’s own education started on Réunion Island, from where his family hail, a small French overseas department east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.


Did he just say curried pineapple ice cream? Yes he did. Ryan Henley, chef de cuisine at Pescatore, explains that it’s one of the innovative dishes that make up his new menu at Christchurch’s longstanding fine-dining restaurant at The George.

Bloomin’ Heck

When the test came from The Sugar Club executive chef Josh Barlow at 2am, “Does Heston have any dietary requirements?” I realised, that in the mad panic to get my mitts on Heston, I’d forgotten to ask. Surely not? How hard can this be?

Heart Felt

With today’s culture of rock-star chefs (and sometimes super-sized egos to match), and in an industry which can be tough on junior staff, it’s refreshing to meet a chef who spends much of her working life hidden behind the scenes, who cares about developing and mentoring those under her charge and who uses her skills to help in the community.

Love Street

Tracy Whitmey talks to a young chef bringing fine-dining techniques to traditional Lebanese food. The menu note sums up entirely what Gemmayze Street is all about: A large part of Lebanese heritage and culture is conveyed through our food and the way we share a meal with our loved ones. Gemmayze Street symbolises the pillars of any Lebanese gathering: food, hospitality, love and family.


No Mean Feet!

NEW ZEALAND IS becoming more diverse and so is our food. Our Asian population doubled between 2001 and 2013.

Cuisine Artisan Awards Finalists announced 2019

There’s always excitement at this time of year as we dive into the Cuisine Artisan Awards and learn of the ideas, ingenuity and hard work that makers put in to turn New Zealand’s top-quality produce into innovative boutique products.


Sang-Sool Shim and Keum-Sun Lee are Korean potters and ceramic artists who work with both 10th-century and 15th-century Korean pottery

Waste not kitchen

Waste-Not Kitchen takes meat and fresh vegetables donated by New Zealand food retailers Farro and T&G Global and turns them into a range of delicious soups.


Though working in the glamorous French ski resort of Chamonix, surrounded by towering peaks and the pick of the Alps, it was the small Italian town of Aosta nearby that captured Ben Bayly’s young imagination.