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Gas barbecues have long reigned supreme in New Zealand, while smoke has been reserved for kahawai or trevally, but things are changing. Low ’n’ slow barbecue is a burgeoning part of New Zealand’s food scene and some of the country’s finest, most innovative restaurants are cooking atop raw flame and permeating their food with smoke.


Kelli Brett confronts the part of the paddock-to-plate process that most of us would rather ignore. Allan Brunt, Boning room senior supervisor, Alliance Lorneville.“This is the part where it gets tricky, the part where most people disconnect. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about the fact that eating meat means that animals are killed?”


Clad in a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “In cod we trust”, Fleur Sullivan carefully tears open large pieces of freshly harvested kelp, deftly fashioning them into bags into which she’ll soon stuff whole crayfish, sea perch, and, of course, the venerable blue cod hailed on her top.


While kiwis are not as well-known for their affection for the prawn as Australians, plenty of New Zealanders make the most of the wee crustaceans over the summer months


Love Street

Tracy Whitmey talks to a young chef bringing fine-dining techniques to traditional Lebanese food. The menu note sums up entirely what Gemmayze Street is all about: A large part of Lebanese heritage and culture is conveyed through our food and the way we share a meal with our loved ones. Gemmayze Street symbolises the pillars of any Lebanese gathering: food, hospitality, love and family.


Of the current buzzwords, ‘passion’ is tossed around with abandon these days, but when Simon Levy describes his dish of clams as food that “hugs you, just embraces you” it shows that his heart and soul are poured into INATI, the Christchurch restaurant he owns along with his wife, Lisa.

Han Solo

Alice Neville meets the chef bringing a modern take on Korean cuisine to Auckland
It's been discovered as a mystery of the soul, a complex sadness, a sense of collective injustice mingled with a feeling of hope and the ability to silently and stoically endure hardship.


We need to do more

As the incredibly sad news that US celebrity chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain had been found dead of an apparent suicide started to sink in, our social feeds were flooded with reactions from people from all walks of life. The intimate bond that Bourdain had cultivated with millions of readers and viewers was overwhelming.

Pinot Noir Trophy

A pat on the back to Saint Clair Family Estate: their Saint Clair Pioneer Block 14 Doctor’s Creek Pinot Noir 2016 was named the Best Pinot Noir at the Shanghai International Wine Challenge.

Lonely Planet Credits Kiwi Coffee

Travel publishing giant Lonely Planet have declared Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne to be the best coffee towns in this part of the world, in Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour (Lonely Planet Global Limited, $32.99).

Some Jam, Ma’am?

Mary Brons never dreamt her feijoa and ginger jam would ever find its way to the royal table, however it was included recently in a hamper put together by Karaka’s Paddock to Pantry for Queen Elizabeth II.

Forresters Lane

“Wellington has the best food, beer and coffee. The standards are staggeringly high and the hospitality community is pretty stunning. And it has such a cool, village-like feel.” That’s what attracted Irishborn Peter Lowry to the capital more than 10 years ago, and it’s the vibrant bar scene that has kept him busy ever since.