Chef by trade, food-tech secondary school teacher and now proud owner of Be Nourished, Brenda Trotman produces ferments that give care and consideration to the environment. Something from this nourishing range is sure to tempt the taste buds: Organic Kimchi – Vegan (no fish sauce); Organic Ruby Perfection; Organic Just Kraut; Organic Golden Turmeric; Organic Dill Pickle; Organic Asian Fusion; Organic Juniper Fresh; Organic KrautChi – Vegan (no fish sauce). $12.95-$14.50.

Husband and wife Peter Kearns and Fiona Dykes were motivated to create Living Goodness, a range of raw fermented foods, after Peter suffered a health issue. A delicious way to build up good gut bacteria: Sassy Sauerkraut – The Sassiest of Krauts; Sum Yum Kimchi – The Korean Kraut; Heartbeet Kraut – The Lover of Beets; Super Superkraut – The Kraut Superhero; Quick Draw Slaw – The Gunslinging Kraut; and Naked Sauerkraut – The Naturist of Krauts. $12.49-$13.49.





Amber Rose, a food writer and stylist based in Matakana, owns Wild Delicious Fermentary. Try her Kimchi; Kraut with Turmeric, Black Pepper and Lemon; or Kraut with Fennel and Juniper Berry. $15.