There are 260 Champagne houses originating from 319 villages in the rural region of Champagne. For an area about the size of Waikato that’s quite a lot, n’est pas? I’m guessing that’s more than you imagined and I believe most people couldn’t name 20 Champagne brands when put on the spot. This results from market domination by the biggest players in the game – the brands we know well. Moët & Chandon alone produces 30 million bottles annually. Even with this volume, the pandemic has made logistics extremely challenging, which means Champagne lovers on this side of the globe have been finding it difficult to get their hands on their chosen French fizz.

From this challenge comes the chance to choose something new, perhaps from a small grower you’ve never heard of or with a name you can’t quite pronounce, something destined to be your new favourite. With several superb champers to choose from, we’re confident our selection is setting you up for success.