Clever, casual, Korean- inspired food showcased with delicious depth and great hospitality.


At Gochu you will taste more than just an introduction to the Korean classics. Expect the unexpected set within the slick Commercial Bay food court with fabulous wraparound views of the ferry building and the waterfront.


From the potato and cheese corndog with Marmite mayo, to the oysters in kimchi juice, leek oil and pickled radish, and on to the slivers of cured kingfish in an apple and anchovy consommé that meet crispy seaweed to produce a bowl of pure glee, this is not your typical shopping-centre eatery. Along the way you will meet charred dishes kissed with all the savoury, sweet and spicy goodness that gochujang can bring. The octopus, with its mix of seasoned garlic chives and shallot namul, is ever so slightly smoky but still delivers a hint of the sea, while the chicken with its comfort-rich comté cheese and leek sauce will make it hard to resist the urge to lick the sizzling plate. The menu may change with the seasons, but your expectations can stay high.


Originally from South Korea, Jason Kim’s heritage and travel memories are the master-stock behind a new-wave menu with plenty of backbone. With stints on the pans at some of Auckland’s finest, including Cassia, Sidart and Clooney. Jason is joined at Gochu by chef Nathan Lord, with both personalising their cuisine in a way that definitely hits all the pleasure centres.


David Lee and Oliver Simon united in their love of Korean food and opened Simon & Lee in Parnell back in 2017. With chefs and co-owners Jason Kim and Nathan Lord joining them at Commercial Bay, they have set out to prove that there is much more to Gochu than kimchi and Korean BBQ – and have managed to wrestle a firm grip on the highly competitive Auckland culinary landscape.


A drinks list that includes some interesting natural wine options and some unusual beers gives an edge to an offering that is already brilliantly engineered to deliver a good time. Don’t miss the spicy pork and kimchi- stuffed milk bun. The rip and dip into that beurre blanc sauce will make you sigh out loud.