Passionate gardener, seed saver and the driving force behind a Christchurch social-enterprise food business, Jade Temepara presents a show that is on a mission to change the way we grow, nurture and even cook our food. Short segments offer practical advice on establishing and growing a garden, visit the gardens of others for inspiration and instruction and show us healthy quick meals that anyone can cook using what we’ve grown, caught or foraged. Jade’s enthusiasm springs off the screen as she empowers us to eat what we have grown ourselves, so being more healthy and saving money. Not only does she make growing food look like something anyone can do, but she makes it look fun, too. To underline the simplicity of what she’s urging, kids present hands-on segments on topics such as how to compost, how to plant in small urban spaces and how to make a pallet garden. Famous friends also pop up throughout the series including former Salmonella Dub musician Tiki Taane and Dr Hinemoa Elder.