Enjoy veges bursting with fresh flavours with these garden-to-table recipes from Bri DiMattina’s book Nostrana.

Nostrana means ‘homegrown’ but its meaning is so much more. It also means ‘ours’: the making (or growing) of something with the intent of sharing it with others. This book is about rekindling the joy of a home garden and kitchen. It is intrinsically satisfying to grow something tasty and either eat it standing there in the garden or to create something delicious with it in the kitchen to share with others. Strawberries are tastier, apples are crunchier, asparagus could be mistaken for snow peas in sweetness, egg yolks are yellower and fresh herbs are perpetually on hand.

But it is also a joy to share a bumper harvest with friends. Our busy lives mean that having fresh, flavourful, healthy food straight from the garden can feel like a pipe dream but, taken in small steps, it’s simpler than you might think.

This book is a collection of my favourite recipes, created from and inspired by what I have in my own garden, my nonna’s recipe book and my mother’s café. Nostrana is about what I do, where I am from, and who I am. I hope you and yours enjoy it.