Malaysian-born Australian chef Tony Tan turns his hand to the culinary wonderland of Hong Kong in this book. Tan begins by detailing how the unique history of this island metropolis shaped its food culture, from waves of immigrants from mainland China bringing their regional cooking to intermingle with the dominant Cantonese cuisine, to the flourishing of “Soy Sauce Western” restaurants and cha chaan tengs (Chinese cafes). Recipes are inspired by dishes Tan has eaten at establishments around Hong Kong, from the traditional to the cutting edge – so alongside 90-year-old noodle shop Kau Kee’s stewed beef brisket, you’ll find wagyu short rib and jalapeño puree from on-trend modern Chinese joint Ho Lee Fook. The dim sum chapter is particularly strong, featuring Cantonese classics alongside more modern yum cha favourites, such as “lava bao” – a steamed bao filled with a savoury-sweet custard made with salted duck yolks.