Focussing on small yet achievable steps to help form new habits can be the significant difference between our health resolutions resulting in real changes rather than uncomfortable feelings of guilt or disappointment when we set goals which are too out of reach for us to realistically achieve.

What can these small steps to healthier change look like? Who better to ask than Joelene Ranby, founder and Wellness Manager at Resolution Retreats. Here she shares her tips on ways we can make our health resolutions stick. Joelene understands the many pressures women feel daily. In a life full of ‘busy’, we were delighted to discover that convenience is the secret to maintaining healthy habits.

“A great place to start is focussing on making ‘healthier’ more convenient for you and being ‘unhealthier’ less convenient for you.”


Here are some of my habit tricks for navigating the convenience conundrum

Effortless Meal Mastery Invest as little as 30 minutes weekly to prep meals or meal elements; having nutritious options at your fingertips makes healthy choices easier and a no-brainer. Even doing a bit of chopping and organising as you unpack the groceries is a great first step. Meal mastery helps to reduce food waste and saves you money, too.

Snack Smart Keep a curated stash of favourite fruits, nuts, boiled eggs and yoghurt within reach, making it easy to opt for these over less-healthy snacks. For most of us, it’s not that we don’t enjoy healthier snacks, they just tend to be less convenient unless they’re prepped and ready to go. Focussing on protein will also ensure you feel fuller for longer and reduce those afternoon sugar crashes or cravings.

Hydration Habit Carry a chic, reusable water bottle to ensure hydration is always at your fingertips. The easier it is for you to take a swig the better, so try a bottle with a quick-sip option. And most importantly, make sure it’s topped up.

Out of sight, Out of Mind Put away items that distract you or pull you into unhealthy habits. For example, having a jar of cookies on your benchtop will be a constant reminder that the cookies are there for the taking. Putting them away doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have the cookies, but without the constant visual reminder, you’re less likely to indulge as often.

Meal Planning One of the most effective ways to improve your nutrition is by thinking about meals and snacks in advance and what is required to make those happen. Meal delivery options such as My Food Bag’s Fresh Start subscription not only assist in taking the guesswork out of what you’re having for dinner, but also offer lunch and snack options, too. Their clever nutritionists do a lot of the work for you in picking balanced and delicious recipes and sending them your way (they have even featured some of our retreat recipes). If you’ve got a particularly busy few weeks coming up, take a look at their express options for meals ready in less than 15 minutes.

Digital Detox – A Wellbeing Escape Trade screen time for activities you love, thereby enhancing your happiness, wellbeing and relaxation. Whether it’s personal time, creativity or indulging in a hobby, prioritise activities that contribute positively to your health and happiness. Not investing in our happiness can leave us frustrated and resentful and looking for a pick-me-up in unhealthier but more convenient quick fixes.

Mindful Eating – Your Daily Pause Transform mealtimes into a personal care ritual. Chew and savour each bite, preventing overeating and promoting better digestion. Extending your meals beyond 20 minutes enhances satisfaction and allows your body to extract more nutrients from your food. Try to avoid distractions like electronics at mealtimes as well.

Catch The First Sleep Train Prepare your body and sleep environment in advance; don’t wait until you’re tired. Start getting ready for bed at least one hour before your intended sleep time. This can include limiting your use of electronics, showering earlier or brushing your teeth, so that when you start to feel sleepy you can head straight off to bed. Many of us wait until we are feeling too tired before we start the getting-ready-for-bed ritual, after which we may have missed the sleep train altogether.

By focussing on making healthier habits more convenient, you’ll find that healthier choices slip into your day more effortlessly. These new habits begin to stack up, replacing those unhealthier habits that once felt more convenient.