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May 24, 2019By Cuisine

I’m not long home from my second trip to Sri Lanka so, with the memories still lingering in my mind of fragrant curries, sambol and appum (hoppers), it seems only natural that my recipes for this issue give a convincing nod towards the vibrant flavours of this island nation.

While the ingredient lists of these recipes may at first seem overwhelmingly long, note that spices make up a large proportion of each recipe and all marry together to deliver flavour-packed dishes.

You’ll find fresh curry leaves at some supermarkets and at Indian speciality stores. They can be frozen and used straight from the freezer. From the spiced beetroot soup swirled with toasted cumin yoghurt to the deliciously decadent cashew curry, I think you’ll agree that spices are where it’s at!

Serves: 4
Preparation : 5 min + 4 hr soaking
Cooking: 25 min



5 min + 4 hr soaking