1 Crunchy on the outside and deliciously musselly on the inside, Mills Bay Mussels Dutch-style Croquettes are set to be a feature of our festive nibbles – alongside a pot of homemade tartare sauce they’re a winner. $15 for 6. millsbaymussels.co.nz

2 It may sound unusual but Lot Eight’s new Coffee Olive Oil works on so many levels. Whisking a spoonful into your morning espresso is delicious, but don’t stop there – it adds nuance to bakes (especially those using chocolate or coffee) and elevates an affogato to new levels. Savouries benefit, too, so try a drizzle over roast veges or with salmon. $27.95 for a 250ml bottle. lot8.co.nz

3 This Almighty Pear Sparkling Water will be our go-to refresher this summer. Crisp hits of organic pears and super bubbly water with all the flavour coming from nature, not added chemicals. $3 per 330ml can or $11 for a six-pack. drinkalmighty.com

4 Crispy chilli oil is everywhere right now and we reckon this Mary Magdalene Crispy Chilli Oil from Apostle Hot Sauce is right up there. Infused with toasted spices it’s got a bit of a kick. If you like sweet with your heat then Saint Valentine Lavender and Rosemary Hot Honey is the way to your heart. Sweet and golden New Zealand honey is infused with habanero chillies, fragrant lavender and aromatic rosemary. $19 for 320g. apostlehotsauce.co.nz

5 26 Seasons Super Sweet New Zealand Strawberries are big on flavour but light on environmental impact. They’re grown in a vertical farm with precision-controlled technology but no pesticides – that means you can enjoy sweet, locally grown berries in the middle of winter. $9.99 for 225g. 26seasons.co.nz

6 Hemp protein is a nutrient-dense plant protein with a huge range of health benefits claimed. What better way to get your daily dose than these super-convenient Hemp & Seaweed capsules from Ocean & Green. $47.50 for 120 capsules. oceanandgreen.co.nz

7 Summer’s the time to enjoy smoky barbecue flavours and this BBQ & Horopito Dry Rub Hot Smoked Salmon from Aoraki Salmon fits the bill. Smoked using mild and sweet apple wood, it’s slightly spicy and deliciously smoky. See recipe suggestions on page 14. $17.99 for 180g. aorakisalmon.co.nz

8 These salty and herby little chunks are begging to to liven up your canapés this entertaining season as the perfect pairing with some smoked salmon or a sliver of jamón. The Marinated Greek-style Cheese from Castello has a touch of garlic and herbs, just made for summer. $10.50 for a 265g jar. castellocheese.com