Kitchen Conversations Vaughan Mabee

By Kelli Brett1 Minutes
July 1, 2020By Kelli Brett

Amisfield Restaurant & Cellar in Central Otago is home to New Zealand’s Cuisine Good Food award-winning Chef of the year Vaughan Mabee. So it stands to reason that this superb winery restaurant should be on your radar as one not to miss. In the lead up to the awards last year Vaughan had held the title of New Zealand’s most innovative chef for 2 years running. Vaughan then led his talented team to take home 3 hats at last year’s Cuisine Good Food Awards.

One of the great pleasures about producing this podcast is that there is always a helluva journey and a terrific story to tell when it comes to the people behind the food that we eat. This glimpse inside the mind of a great chef is a ripper…

In food news, the Black Lives Matter movement has raised an interesting reaction from some major brands within the consumer market. Victoria University of Wellington’s marketing and international business school head Val Hooper says it has been a huge wakeup call as brands scramble to reassert their commitment to respect.