Strangely Normal


Strangely Normal

Claire Dutton and Michael Cox founded STRANGELY NORMAL in late 1977. They began selling vintage clothing alongside '50s inspired menswear at Cook Street Market.

The name "Strangely Normal" came from Claire’s description of Michael.

As genuine '50s clothing in good order grew scarce The Normals focused purely on their brand opening a store in Hobson St
late '79. With the workroom on-site they continues to produce and sell from there until Dec '95 when the casino being built had changed the retail shape of the area.

The Avondale workroom became base for manufacture, tailoring and wholesaling until r
elenting to customer demand they opened a store in O’Connell St, late 2006 in the Auckland CBD. 

Claire and Michael still run the label and although it has evolved over the years, it still pays homage to '50s and '60s style.


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