Petra Galler brings big, bold flavours to baking in this extract from her book Butter, Butter.

The expression ‘Everything in moderation, including excess’ is something my father always said when we were growing up and I can’t think of a better approach to sum up my style of cooking and the way in which I strive to live. Balance is beautiful but sometimes balance in baking can be so much better when it tilts towards more. More spice, more flavour, more crunch. Big, bold and bolshy.

These are the recipes I have carried around with me for most of my adult life, tweaking and changing them over the years. There is a strong Middle Eastern influence woven through this collection, with many holding strong memories of family, discovery and sheer joy.

There may be some recipes and flavour combinations in this book that you haven’t tried before and I urge you to be bold and experiment with something new to you. There is so much more to baking than banana cake.

Baking has always been my peace and I am beyond excited to share this book with you.