Perhaps it is part of our new world personality, combined with a digital modern society, that keeps us New Zealanders in constant search of the next new thing. Fascination with the new and shiny is not necessarily a bad thing in many sectors, however it does not translate well to the world of wine. As winemakers, we draw on science, technology, skill, experience and innovations that have been evolving over 4,000 years. Great winemakers never stop development in the pursuit of excellence; it is generally their obsession. This respect of the past as a view to the future is why mature wine- producing regions seldom, if ever change the varietal mix of plantings. Thus ‘new’ in winemaking terms doesn’t necessarily mean new varietals, more often it is about the continued pursuit of excellence and the developments we, as a collaborative and global industry, make along the way. The speciality whites tasting showcases wine styles not produced in significant numbers here in New Zealand yet have been produced globally for thousands of years. We hope you may try these wines and perhaps find a new favourite.