In a post-COVID world what does Visa Wellington On A Plate bring to the table with regards to tourism, economic development and the telling of the all-important New Zealand food story? The festival runs for the month of October with hundreds of venues right across the greater Wellington region participating, and along with all of the excellent eating and drinking options on offer, there is no denying that WOAP builds a special spirit of collaboration. Hear from Sarah Meikle the Chief Executive of the Wellington Culinary Events Trust and Program Manager Beth Brash on finding common ground at a time when our hospitality industry needs us most.

In Crispy Bits…

A world-first for NZ as Loveblock Wines develop the first Sauvignon Blanc to replace sulphur with green tea.

Josh and Helen Emett to open their first Auckland restaurant Onslow.

New Instagram page nz_flavour curates a snapshot of chefs plates across the country.