When I think of French cooking I imagine complicated techniques and tricky recipes. In this book, however, chef Stéphane Reynaud, sets out to simplify French food by presenting one-pot recipes which require no more than 20 minutes’ preparation. As you’d expect there are lots of braises and casseroles, but also roasts and traybakes. It’s quite meat-centric and these tend towards robust, hearty dishes, including a clutch of recipes for lesserused meat, such as veal and rabbit. An interesting section gives ideas for the perfect cheese board. Given the one pot rule I’d expected the sweet section to be firmly of the ‘pudding’ variety, but there are some surprisingly elegant desserts, such as a delightful apple tart. The presentation is pared back too with no-nonsense recipe names and straightforward instructions. This book will definitely get a work-out in the cooler months when I’m in the mood for a dark and sticky stew.