Exciting, exquisite, extraordinary.


When you feel as if you have tried all the rest but still hunger for a hit, somewhere that will take you into the realm of El Bulli, Noma or Blumenthal without the guilt trip of air miles, or when you want to treat a foodie friend to a unique experience that makes them forever indebted to you, Pasture is a strong option.


When you dine at Pasture, the chef gets to choose the menu – on our night, all 20 courses of it. Those who will enjoy it most are those who are up for basically anything: the hedonistic palateers, those who, long ago, rejected meat and three veg as the only option. Let’s also be clear that this is not fear-factor food. It’s a plethora of carefully considered, expertly crafted dishes – some a single bite, others more substantial, each of which may contain a spectacular treatment of a single ingredient or a combination of disparate elements that have been arranged like a music score to take note of their individual character while delivering a symphony of taste and texture. Think squash-blossom carpaccio, geoduck or grilled bamboo shoot and caviar. Or one of our absolute faves: hāpuku cooked in fig leaves. Expect plenty of fermented condiments, pickled foods and cured meats. You will also find unique drinks to match the extrordinary food, with the clue always in the name of the drink, such as Boxer Jalapeño Sonic, Parnell 21 or Riesling Tomato. Sparkling Banana, anyone?


Ed Verner is a complex character: knowledgeable, demanding, passionate and intense. All these traits are on show when you sit at the counter, the only divide between you and his red-hot kitchen. Throughout a long night he works his butt off to make sure his guests have a good time; along the way he’s talking and sharing and enlightening. He takes risks with his menu, taking you on a tasting journey that others would not. At the end of the night, you can walk away thinking, “What just happened? What was I witness to?” Pasture is the ultimate ‘Trust the chef’ dining experience


While Verner is the main man, artist in residence and concert master, his team are critical to the orchestration. Verner’s partner Hillary Eaton is his very capable editor/stylist; sous chef is the highly talented Tushar Grover (see page 35). Others in the kitchen also clearly know their role and play their part quietly and expertly. It’s a tight team and it needs to be to successfully pull off the complicated syncopation of the night in full view of guests.


Let’s not beat around the bush. A visit to Pasture is not cheap. But this is not merely about satisfying your appetite or just having a meal out. If you are into your food and its provenance, if you get a kick out of pleasuring your palate, if you enjoy being close to the action, then this is a treat of the highest order. The ritual of getting through the door alone makes it special. The first glass of Krug seals the deal.

235 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland
Check website for opening hours
SET MENU: $300 – $340pp, 17 – 23 courses
CONTACT: 09 300 5077