All the flavours, none of the fuss – we have Middle Eastern food made simple in this extract from Persiana Everyday by Sabrina Ghayour.

When I wrote my first book Persiana, my aim was to cut through the mystery of Middle Eastern food by simplifying the cooking process and using ingredients that were readily available in supermarkets. Much to my surprise the book became a runaway success, and the ethos of simplicity has become my adopted style of cooking. ‘Persiana’ – a word now synonymous with my culinary style – was merely my own nickname at the time, but it now stands for ease, reliability and the exploration of flavours that perhaps, prior to the book’s release in 2014, were unfamiliar and even a little daunting. The pace at which Persian and Middle Eastern dishes and ingredients have gained popularity is incredible. Once perceived as a ‘trend’, I’m proud that it is now very much embedded in our culture due to some great chefs and cooks who have worked hard to champion this cuisine. This motivates me to keep experimenting to create recipes that are simple, flavourful and economical for all.

All cooks, even the best ones, have fears when it comes to cooking… however, trust in me that I have tried to make this collection of recipes as easy and enjoyable as possible. After all, time is precious, and the less time you spend cooking, the more time you have to enjoy what you’ve cooked with friends and loved ones.