Recipe Category: Emma Galloway Issue 195



Kitchari is a nourishing Ayurvedic rice and moong dal (split mung beans) meal often eaten during cleanses, as it’s easy for the body to digest. It can vary from quite a dry mixture to a wet dal-like meal depending on how much water is added. I’ve gone for more of a dry mixture here, punctuated with pumpkin and gently spiced. Any greens can be used, whatever you have at hand will be fine, whether that’s kale, silverbeet, spinach or broccoli. This winter I’ve got broccoletti – a type of sprouting Italian broccoli – growing in my garden, so I’ve used that here. Find moong dal at your local Indian store or at selected health food stores.



These lentil patties are super-easy to make and are great to make ahead of time as they hold together better after chilling in the fridge. You could prepare these up to 2 days beforehand and cook when ready to eat. The vibrant green tahini sauce can also be made well in advance and stored in the fridge, leaving only the beetroot-stained rice and cavolo nero to make. Cavolo nero, often called Tuscan kale, is pretty easy to get your hands on nowadays, however use whatever greens you like: silverbeet, spinach or curly/purple kale would all be great. Use regular breadcrumbs and soy sauce if gluten isn’t a problem for you.