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Helen and Richard Dorresteyn of Clevedon Buffalo were the first people to farm buffalo in New Zealand and are famous for their Italian-style cheeses and yoghurt. This new-to-the-market cheese is a beautifully creamy number, meltingly soft and marinated in olive oil, thyme and roasted garlic. It’s easily spreadable and has a light, tangy flavour.

It’s such a brilliant product that I am loathe to play around with it, instead keeping the preparations simple to allow the flavour to shine through – although it (and some of that delicious oil) does go well tossed through a tangle of spaghetti with some chilli flakes and a few herbs, or dolloped onto an Italianstyle frittata with seasonal vegetables.


Peppered Aroma Salmon

I often find cooked salmon too rich, preferring to eat it raw or barely cooked, but I enjoy it most when it’s been lightly cured as in this classic gravlax. You can of course play around with the flavourings – whisky and orange zest in place of gin and dill, add extra spices like coriander or juniper, or grated raw beetroot to the mix to give the outer flesh a ruby glow.