Recipe Category: Xmas Classics 2018


Salade Rouge

Lauraine is now food columnist at the NZ Listener, judge of Ora King Awards and Outstanding Producer Awards.

Beautifully cooked vegetables are the best part of a meal for me. This bright fresh vegetable salad with contrasting crunch and flavour adds a real hit of colour to the festive table. Prepare everything in advance then refrigerate it but bring back to room temperature before serving.


Roast Turkey with Garlic Sourdough Stuffing

Ruth now writes the entertainment pages for NZ Life and Leisure.

Basting the bird with cream keeps the flesh moist and adds tremendous flavour to the pan juices, which form the base for the gravy. You can stuff the turkey up to two days ahead as the stuffing does not contain egg.

Fiona Smith is a senior food writer for Cuisine.
This is my mother’s special stuffing; it’s very rich and a good contrast to delicate turkey or chicken meat. It’s also my favourite!


Salt Fish Salad

Nowadays Ray is the consulting food director for Bite in the New Zealand Herald, he's the Ambassador for FAWC in Hawke's Bay, offers product and recipe development for private clients, and does food demos all around the country.


Some cooks use smoked fish as a substitute but this makes a very different salad from the original. The light salting of the fish in this recipe, however, approximates as much as possible the raw fish flavour and texture of rehydrated salt cod. The salting of the onion turns even the most pungent onion into a sweet and crunchy salad vegetable.

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