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This popular dish from Sichuan province pops up frequently in restaurants such as the legendary Da Ping Huo in Central, and Sijie Sichuan in Wan Chai. Dry-fried green beans is an addictive dish if you love hot and numbing flavours. Traditionally the beans are fried in very little oil until they blister and wrinkle and take on a smoky flavour. Nowadays many cooks deep-fry the beans to speed up the process. In most homes, minced pork is used, but minced beef and chicken work beautifully, too. This is an easy dish to make and, from experience, it’s marvellous with a bowl of congee.


Thai Fish Cakes with Green Bean & Dried Shrimp Salad

These simple fish cakes are easy to pull together and most types of fish are suitable to use. The mix is soft so it does benefit from being made ahead and allowed to rest before frying. Adjust the curry paste as needed depending on how hot you like it. You could also use green curry paste here instead of red. Dried shrimp can be found in Asian supermarkets, and add both an umami hit and texture to dishes. Often they are pre-soaked before using. Once opened keep refrigerated in a jar.