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Salade Rouge

Lauraine is now food columnist at the NZ Listener, judge of Ora King Awards and Outstanding Producer Awards.

Beautifully cooked vegetables are the best part of a meal for me. This bright fresh vegetable salad with contrasting crunch and flavour adds a real hit of colour to the festive table. Prepare everything in advance then refrigerate it but bring back to room temperature before serving.



This is a great dish to make right now, when tomatoes and watermelon are at their finest, with the smoked yoghurt offsetting their natural sweetness. I often find this makes more than I need for the recipe but seldom have a problem using it up over the next few days. You’ll need to pay a bit of attention here – the heat must be quite low to ensure the yoghurt doesn’t curdle. I sometimes chill the bowl the yoghurt is going in, which also helps keep it cool.

The subtle smoky flavour of this yoghurt offsets the natural sweetness of the tomatoes and watermelon, making for a very refreshing late-summer salad.

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