a few slices of your favourite sourdough (I love The Dusty Apron or Daily Bread)
a handful of parsley, finely chopped
good olive oil
chardonnay vinegar
Ortiz anchovies

I absolutely love anchovies and consider them a pantry essential. A few chucked in a salad or pasta, or just on buttered bread (like the Italian staple burro e acciughe) is enough to make me happy! At home, my Italian partner makes me toast with parsley, butter, anchovies and lemon zest, and at work Alfie Ingham (head chef at Hugo’s) makes me these delicious snacks.

Read the article ‘A Woman’s Place’ here


1.Toast the bread slices over charcoal, then cut into fingers.
2.Mix the parsley with olive oil until you have a nice salsa consistency.
3.Slice the shallots into rings and pour over some chardonnay vinegar.
4.Set aside for 10 minutes.
5.Top your toast fingers with parsley salsa, an anchovy and a few slices of pickled shallot.

Photography Victoria Baldwin / Prop Styling Noumi O’Flaherty, Sharyn Buckley / Clothing Styling Jacqui Whall Assistants Josh Szeto, Fergus Cahill / Thanks to White Studios

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