40ml dry gin (we use 1919 Dry Gin or Roots Dry Gin)
25ml Americano Bitters (we choose St George Spirits Bruto Americano for its bright menthol finish)
25ml sweet vermouth (we use Ried + Ried for its depth and spice)
4 drops Ballin Wild Mint Bitters
15ml tart cherry juice from a jar of cherries or from an off-the-shelf product (most good organic stores stock them)
orange zest, to serve
fresh or cured cherry, to serve

An ode to the origins of the humble Negroni with a local New Zealand twist. We call upon tart cherry juice and wild mint to build a green and herbaceous play on the classic.

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1.Add all of the ingredients except the garnish to a mixing glass or stirring vessel, pack with cubed ice and stir until the vessel is frosted and the liquid is chilled.
2.Pour into a frozen coupe and garnish with a large piece of orange zest and a fresh or cured cherry.

Food by Zennon Wijlens / Drinks by Mikey Ball / Photography Jason Creaghan

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