6 golden kiwifruit
2 green kiwifruit
1 medium red onion, finely diced
1 medium avocado, flesh cut in a 1cm dice
10 mint leaves
2 teaspoons Heilala vanilla paste
½ tablespoon lime juice
½ teaspoon flaky salt

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1.Scoop out the flesh of the kiwifruit over a medium-sized bowl catching any juices in the bowl.
2.Cut the flesh into an approximate 1cm dice and add to the bowl with juices.
3.Add the onion and avocado to the bowl.
4.Place mint leaves into the palm of your hand and give a few gentle slaps to release flavour.
5.Finely slice mint and add to the bowl.
6.Add the vanilla paste, lime juice and salt.
7.Carefully stir to bring them together, but aim to avoid crushing the fruit and avocado.
8.Allow salsa to stand for 15 minutes for flavours to merge before using.
9.Serve with buttermilk fried pork in a Kaiser roll, or any grilled or fried fish.

Food styling, recipes & photography David Neville