250g (1 cup) sticky rice, soaked in cold water for 4-12 hours
350ml coconut milk
¼ cup coconut, light brown or caster sugar
½ teaspoon salt
250g frozen or 4 large fresh banana leaves (buy frozen at specialist supermarkets or online)
2 bananas, peeled
juice of ½ lemon
75g chocolate, roughly chopped
ice cream, to serve

One of my favourite Thai street foods, khao niew bing makes a great dessert for a barbecue dinner. The sweet coconut rice is usually filled with taro or small sweet bananas but I have done more untraditional (Kiwi-style) banana and chocolate.

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1.Drain the rice and rinse a couple of times.
2.Put the coconut milk and sugar in a saucepan and heat to bubbling, stirring to dissolve the sugar.
3.Once bubbling, add the rice and salt, heat again until bubbling then reduce the heat to very low. Cover and cook for 15 minutes without disturbing.
4.Once cooked, leave to sit for 10 minutes covered, then uncover and stir with a fork. Divide into 8 portions.
5.Gently wash the banana leaves with water and wipe clean.
6.Trim off the hard stem part and cut 8 pieces, about 20cm x 25cm. Keep the small pieces in case you need them.
7.Cut the bananas in half lengthwise then crosswise to get 8 pieces. Toss in a bowl with the lemon juice.
8.Put a piece of banana leaf, shiny side down on a board. Top with one portion of rice and press it into a 6cm x 10cm rectangle.
9.Top with some chocolate and a piece of banana. Fold over one long side and roll over to wrap, tucking over the ends last.
10.If the leaf splits, you can use a small extra piece, running the ribs the opposite way, to patch the tear.
11.To serve, heat a barbecue or grill to hot and cook for 5 minutes on each side. Serve hot with ice cream.

Recipes & food styling Fiona Smith / Photography Aaron McLean / Styling Jess Hemmings