40ml blended Scotch whisky (we use Chivas XV or Monkey Shoulder)
20ml sakura tea soda (see recipe below)
6–8 drops ume plum vinegar
6–8 drops Ballin’ Taiheke Hop Bitters
East Imperial Soda Water
kombu and edible dianthus flowers, to serve
SAKURA TEA SODA - makes 650 ml / preparation 15 mins
50g sakura green tea (we recommend t leafT sakura rose green tea)
500ml hot water at 80°C (blend 20% cold water with 80% boiling water)
¼ teaspoon tartaric acid
1 cup caster sugar

A delicate, zesty and fragrant sparkling tea taking influence from the traditions of hi-ball culture, and the significance of sakura and its treatment in the Sōraku district of central Japan. This drink both cleanses and builds freshness with the oysters, providing a well-rounded experience in both food and drink.

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1.Build all the ingredients except the garnish in a rocks glass or stemless wine glass, packing the glass with cubed ice.
2.Garnish with kombu and edible dianthus flowers.
4.Add tea to the freshly boiled and blended water.
5.Leave to steep for 4–5 minutes, then pour through a fine strainer.
6.Add the tartaric acid and sugar and whisk until dissolved.
7.Bottle, label with the date of production and keep chilled for up to 1 month.
8.This recipe makes more than you need for the cocktail, but it is great as a base for iced tea or to add freshness to desserts such as ice cream.
9.Or use to cure or pickle gherkins, carrots and seaweed.

Food by Zennon Wijlens / Drinks by Mikey Ball / Photography Jason Creaghan

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