3 tablespoons olive oil
1kg zucchini, sliced into rounds
3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
½ teaspoon chilli flakes
½ cup dry white wine
zest and juice of 1 lemon
50g parmesan or other hard, aged cheese, finely grated, plus extra for serving
400g casarecce or other short pasta shape
250g ricotta
1 good handful of basil leaves, roughly torn

It’s the use of the pasta cooking water that is the essential ingredient here; the starch loosens the sauce and makes it creamy. If you have zucchini flowers, add some at the end with the basil.

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1.Heat the oil in a wide saucepan and add the zucchini in batches, frying gently until it has a little colour (approximately 5-7 minutes).
2.Return all the zucchini to the pan and add the garlic and chilli flakes and cook for another minute, season generously with sea salt then add the white wine and cover with a lid.
3.Cook, covered, over a low heat for 10 minutes (add a little more water if in danger of drying out).
4.The zucchini should be soft and silky and the liquid will be mostly evaporated.
5.Meanwhile, put the lemon zest and juice in a large bowl with the parmesan and mix together; the juice of the lemon should slightly melt the cheese. Season with salt and pepper.
6.Cook the pasta according to packet instructions, reserving a good cup of the cooking water before draining.
7.Add the ricotta and around ½ cup of cooking water to the parmesan and whisk together.
8.Stir through the pasta and the zucchini, adding a little more cooking water if required to keep the mix loose.
9.Stir through the basil leaves and serve immediately, sprinkled with a little extra parmesan.

Recipes & food styling Ginny Grant / Photography Aaron McLean / Styling Jess Hemmings