8 eggs separated
100g butter, plus extra, softened, to butter the ramekins
½ cup flour
560ml milk, heated to just simmering
¼ cup chopped chervil, chives and parsley
⅛ cup grated Grano Padano
250g soft goat’s cheese, whipped until smooth 8 eggs, separated
2 cups cream
1 cup grated Grano Padano

This is a dish that nurtures the soul with its honest simplicity and flawless technique. A light combination of goat’s cheese and egg, the twice-baked soufflé rises out of a bubbling, golden, creamy cheese sauce. Inspired by Anne Willan, the American founder of La Varenne cooking school, it’s been on the menu since day one and ownerchef Carl Koppenhagen reckons he’s made more than 20,000 of these soufflés over the course of the past 15 years. It’s one of the best things you could ever hope to eat.


1.Preheat the oven to 165˚C.
2.Thickly butter 8 aluminium ramekins or ovenproof teacups of 250ml capacity and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
3.Melt the butter in a medium-sized heavy-based saucepan over a moderate heat, then add the flour and stir for 2 minutes until foaming but not coloured.
4.Gradually whisk in the warm milk, reduce the heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sauce has thickened.
5.Remove from the heat, add the herbs, Grano Padano and goat’s cheese and whisk until smooth.
6.Allow to cool for 5 minutes then beat in the egg yolks and season the mixture well.
7.Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks.
8.Stir one third of the egg whites into the goat’s cheese mixture and mix thoroughly.
9.Gently fold in the remaining egg whites until completely incorporated.
10.Ladle the soufflé mix into the prepared ramekins and smooth off the tops with a palette knife.
11.Run your thumb around the rim of the ramekins to create a clean edge so the soufflés rise evenly.
12.Place the ramekins in a baking dish lined with a clean tea towel (to stop the bottom of the soufflés from burning), then fill the dish with hot, not boiling, water to come two-thirds of the way up the ramekins.
13.Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until puffed and golden.
14.Cool the soufflés until deflated then run a knife around the inside edge of the ramekins and tip each into a gratin dish or ovenproof bowl.
15.The soufflés can be prepared to this stage the day before serving.
17.Preheat the oven to 220˚C.
18.Pour ¼ cup of cream and 2 tablespoons of freshly grated Grano Padano over each soufflé then bake for 10-12 minutes until puffed, golden and bubbling.
19.Serve with a dressed salad of frisée and parsley.

Illustrations Kohl Tyler-Dunnshea

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