1 venison neck or shoulder (or use lamb if preferred)
5 cloves garlic, crushed with side of knife
2 sprigs rosemary
fat or oil, to fry
2 leeks, darkest green tops removed, the rest washed and sliced
200g portobello mushrooms
300g shiitake mushrooms
200g oyster mushrooms
1 tablespoon porcini powder (or fresh porcini if you are lucky enough to get them)
½ bottle red wine
300ml veal stock (or use dark chicken or venison stock)
5 parsley stalks
sherry vinegar to taste
4 portions homemade pappardelle
a knob of unsalted butter
a wedge of good parmesan
1 tablespoon capers
a handful flat-leafed parsley, chopped
10 kalamata olives, stones removed, quartered


1.Season the venison neck 2 days in advance, by rubbing the meat with two of the crushed garlic cloves and one sprig of rosemary. Set aside in the fridge.
2.When ready to make the dish, heat the oven to 160°C.
3.Heat a little fat in a pan and gently fry the sliced leek until softened.
4.Add the mushrooms and porcini powder and cook until the mushrooms have softened.
5.Add the red wine and the stock, then transfer the leek and mushrooms mixture to a roasting tray.
6.Add the remaining garlic and rosemary and the parsley stalks.
7.Lay the venison on top of the leek and mushroom mixture, arranging it so the meat is at least half covered by liquid.
8.Cover the tray with baking paper and foil.
9.Cook for 6 hours (or for longer on a lower heat if you have time). Remove from the oven and allow to cool.
10.Remove the venison and discard the parsley stalks and rosemary sprig.
11.Carefully remove the meat from the bone, cut into small pieces then return the meat to the leeks and mushroom sauce.
12.Season with salt, plenty of black pepper and sherry vinegar if it needs to be sharpened.
13.Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling, salted water until al dente.
14.Drain the pasta and add to a pan with about half of the meat sauce.
15.Toss the pasta through the sauce with a knob of butter and some grated parmesan. Keep tossing for a minute to thicken the sauce.
16.Finish with capers, parsley and olives. Serve with extra parmesan.
17.The rest of the sauce keeps for 5 days in the fridge or it can be frozen (it's great with luxurious, silky mashed potato).

Illustration Kohl Tyler-Dunshea

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