In this extract from her book First, Cream the Butter and Sugar, Emelia Jackson teaches us recipes, techniques and tricks for luscious bakes every time.

Baking was my happy place, growing up; however, I don’t think I realised just how much I love baking until I started writing this book. I have been down a rabbit hole of recipes – I got lost exploring the wonderful world of cookies and absorbed in the magical realm of cakes, tarts and pastries. And it has been absolutely glorious. I hope you read this book and find yourself wandering down your own rabbit hole of sweet, glorious bakes.

This book is your complete baking companion, your new best friend to help you become the best baker you can be. With a few cheats here and there, and recipes designed to be adaptable and personalised, this book is the only baking guide you’ll need.

Emelia Jackson

I like to lose the stress and take off the pressure when baking – it is, after all, my happy time and place. My goal is that this book will set you up with the confidence to make your own choices in the kitchen about what is and isn’t important when following a recipe. I want you to look through these pages and feel like every single recipe is within your reach, because it is!

I’ve never been shy about my love of all things butter, sugar and flour. They are the passion pieces in my life – classic bakes done well.