In his delicious biography Simon Gault has definitely not skimped on the measures and journalist and food critic Kim Knight moves us brilliantly and seamlessly between tantalising tastes of his past and present. The result is an intriguing and authentic degustation, each bite leaving a craving for more. Through the surprising prologue where an obsession for precision flying totally eclipses any thoughts about food and on into the highly informative (and formative) Tony Astle years, then to a constant succession of high-end restaurant ventures, reality TV shows and Gault’s inspiring evolution from restaurant rookie to chef to fully fledged brand, I’ve come out the other end of this book filled with admiration for a chef that I’ve never really known. His is a story that begins pre-Google, before social media and the self-made influencer and acknowledges the highs and the lows of a man who cleverly recognises that most crucial ingredient, “The extra five percent magic”. Yes, you will pick up the recipe for his world-famous-in-New-Zealand Euro Rotisserie Chicken, but sadly, while in London he did not take notes on Prue Leith’s Genius Frozen Lemon Souffle. And he does deliver some of the best explanations of the genetics of weight gain that I – a woman who eats for a living – have ever read. It’s searingly honest and highly entertaining and it’s clear that Gault’s driving force for divulging his private life, warts and all, is to create a record for his daughter, Hazel. I’m so glad he’s shared and I can’t wait for the next chapter. KELLI BRETT