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September 16, 2019By Cuisine

SOMETIMES I FEEL out of sync with the modern approach to cooking, which seems to be all about valuing convenience over quality. Our obsession with ease and speed puts us in danger of failing to appreciate the joys of technique and process, and what it means to pour love and care into the food we are growing and cooking. Cooking shouldn’t just be about the final result, it should be about the whole experience. I accept that I run the risk of going against the grain, but what defines me as different is that I really prefer doing things properly. Unless something is naturally easy or quick, I don’t cook in the easiest, fastest way. I enjoy finding out the correct way to do something and investing the time and effort in ensuring it’s made as well as possible. The kick I get from cooking is the same now as when I first started. The day I made my first stew is still etched in my memory. I trusted my mother’s advice as she dictated how things should be done, for she had done this a million times before and I knew of no one better equipped to teach me. Coming home to the smell of a stew cooking made me feel cosy. It made me feel safe. It still does.

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Serves: 4
Preparation: 10 min
Cooking: 25 min


10 min