Enjoy the process of creating heartwarming bakes with recipes from A Good Day to Bake by Benjamina Ebuehi.


I’m not someone who needs an excuse to bake. Being able to whip out my mixer and hide away in the kitchen for an afternoon or evening, just to satisfy a sweet craving, is something that my mum still can’t get her head around. Setting aside a little time during the week to use my hands to create something that will bring a smile to people’s faces and joy to their bellies is an act I don’t take for granted. Going through the ritual of bringing out my measuring scales, pouring out flour, whipping up eggs, stirring the batter and impatiently slicing up warm cake is a beautiful thing that deserves to be enjoyed all year round, no matter the day, season or occasion.

More than ever, I find myself appreciating the little things and taking more time to celebrate those small daily wins alongside the big ones, and I love that I can do that through food. I want this book to help us all remember and hold on to those moments of pause. Every day could do with a bit more slowing down, a little more stirring, kneading, folding and peering into the oven watching bread puff up like magic. More than what the end result looks like, the route to get there can be just as fulfilling.