When Tartine was first published in 2006 it became the oracle of American home baking, revealing the tips and techniques of the team at Tartine bakery renowned for their inventiveness and technical ability. Now revised, it has 67 new recipes to reflect changing tastes and new ingredients: matcha, buckwheat and coconut sugar are featured, and 25 of the recipes are gluten free. While it does include how to make croissants from scratch (the basic instructions cover four pages and look far too daunting for me) there are also simpler recipes such as jam tarts, rocky road brownies and banana muffins. Largely the domain of sweet treats, it leaves breadmaking to the authors’ other books, which I urge you to seek out if embarking on a sourdough adventure. If you’re a fan of diner-style pies, then go for it with banana cream pie, chocolate pudding pie or peach pie, or go to the other extreme with lemon cream tarts as delicate as a whisper. Any book that has an intro by Alice Waters has to be treated seriously. TRACY WHITMEY